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1150 E Plant St, Suite D, Winter Garden, FL 34787

1150 E Plant St, Suite D, Winter Garden, FL 34787

Air Purifiers and the Quality of Your Air

Because most homes have ducted systems for heating and
cooling, outside air is going to come in. Along with the outside air, pollen or
other irritants like air pollution can come into your home. If you suffer from
allergies, asthma, or other chronic conditions that can affect your breathing,
you might consider installing some kind of air purifying system to filter out
many of these common allergens or pollutants. Air purifiers can be simple, one
room units, or be attached to the ductwork in your home, depending on your
needs. Let’s take a look at how these systems can improve both your air quality
and your quality of life .

How Air Purifiers Work

Air purifying systems are a network of fans and filters.
Fans draw the air into your vents, while filters trap microscopic particles. In
a whole home system, fans and filters are installed as part of your current
HVAC system and vents. Filters are made of fiberglass or simple mesh material,
depending on your needs. Filters are graded, with some filtering only larger
particles in the air and others filtering even the tiniest particles. Common
types of filters are HEPA or electrostatic.

Benefits of Air Purifiers

Aside from the obvious reduction in allergic or asthmatic
reactions from outside allergens, air purifiers can also clean the air of
harmful viruses and other types of airborne disease. HEPA filters are
particularly effective in filtering out disease molecules. Breathing in air
pollution can lead to long-term lung problems and other issues in your body, so
keeping them out can save you a lot of headache in the long run. Your chances
of mold infestation also go down when you install a whole house system because
they can also dehumidify your home. Last but not least, your home might even
smell better with the reduction of outside contaminants.

Alternative Air Purifiers

UV filters are another popular option for purifying indoor
air. These types of filters use UV light to eradicate harmful particles in the
air before the air enters your home. UV filters, however, can sometimes emit
harmful ozone in your home when used in conjunction with a HEPA filter. They’re
also not as effective at filtering as other types of purifying systems.

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